Apparently I Love Smoking Weed Now

4 Sep

For the record –  I am leaving the number as is, since he clearly forgot a digit in there somewhere..

“Judging from your photos you seem like the kinda girl who loves smoking weed and would like to, in the next couple of years, buy a missle silo to live underground in. Im just gonna go ahead and leave my number so you can call when your ready. 979583390 ask for spanky​”

Oh, Spanky..   I know  my photos are artsy, and in one I am dressed as a mime.. but no, my dear – that does not mean I love smoking weed.   Thank you ever so much for your offer, though.  Hopefully you are wise enough to forget a digit every time you send this message because if it gets in the wrong hands,  you could easily have the fuzz picking you up.

Isn’t drug dealing illegal?  Yikes.

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