Single Hand of Uno

24 Sep

I once played a single hand of UNO that went on for six hours…it was horrible. “

I wasn’t sure what to make of this message..  I don’t mention the card game “Uno” in my profile, but have played it before.  But- maybe he didn’t mean the card game and meant he played a single hand of Uno for six hours.   And in that case – Duuuuuude…  It was not meant to be.   (DO YOU SEE WHAT ONLINE DATING HAS DONE TO MY POOR MIND!?)

I was intrigued – so I wrote back:


“We had to finish. “

“I suppose.”

“Are you a kinky gal?”

Aha!  There it is.

“That is none of your business – and I am not quite sure what part of your mind finds it appropriate to ask that of a complete stranger.”

If you are going to be a creep – and a girl responds such as how I did to your “Are you kinky?” question..  Grow a set and respond back to that so she understands why you thought it was a good idea.   Or, did you forget there was an actual person on the other end?

One Response to “Single Hand of Uno”

  1. butimbeautiful September 25, 2012 at 8:22 am #

    Well said on behalf of all of us! (except the genuinely kinky ones, I guess)


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