Why Form Letters Piss Me Off

25 Sep

Everyone online dating gets form letters all the time, which are what I call messages that could easily have been copied and pasted and sent to anyone.  Normally I shrug them off (and don’t respond to them..)  but today this message just pissed me off:

“Hi there,
How are you doing? Look I would write more, but as I have found out on this site, you could write someone a message, and they won’t bother to read it. That is besides the fake profiles, and the pickyness of some people. I like your profile, like what you mentioned, and think you are really pretty, so I figured I’d break the ice. If you’re interested that would be nice, if not, I wish you luck in your search.”

You know what a girl reads when she gets a message like this????  Here, let me tell you:

“I’ve been doing this online dating thing for awhile now, and when I take time and effort, girls don’t respond.  I have now crafted this beast which I can send to anyone who passes my attractiveness test.  Guess what!?  You’re a winner!  Now, you go do all the work and read through my profile.  If you like what you read, respond back..  I will then look at your profile and probably find some big deal-breaker in there, and then not respond…  Or, I’m only looking for sex.. Once again, You’ve Won!!”

Seriously guys,  it would take less time to skim the profile and send a message that merely asks “I saw you like to knit.  How long does it take you to make a scarf?”  or ANYTHING!  (If it’s on her profile, it’s game.. with the exception of anything sexual – which shouldn’t be on there in the first place.   See It’sNotAMatch.com‘s most recent post.)

Once again, I will have you jump forward with me in the time machine for a moment-  You’re in love, you’re married, what have you:    Someone asks her how you two met.  She responds “He copied and pasted a message to me that he sent to several other girls.”   If that sounds like a romantic story to you, then by all means:  Proceed.   If not.. you may want to rethink the form letter.

I leave you with this:  “If you don’t change direction, you may wind up where you are heading.”


3 Responses to “Why Form Letters Piss Me Off”

  1. Taylor September 25, 2012 at 1:20 am #

    Would you consider a question about traveling, such as “Where was your favorite travel destination?” to be a type of form question? I’d say over 75% of profiles states they like to travel or explore culinary arts. Just about anything could be considered some type of “form” communication now days. Profiles are too generic and cookie cutter like. A response from a gal still comes down to finding the guy attractive or replying just to be nice.


    • Soon2BeCatLady September 25, 2012 at 1:24 am #

      If I indicate I like travelling, then yes.. (For the record, that is not on my profile.)


      • kamamer September 26, 2012 at 5:42 pm #



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