Your Mom.

27 Sep

Straight from the mouth of a 24 year old, who lists his profession as “Your Mom.”  (Oh to be young again..)

“You’re so beautiful I can’t focus on replying to my inbox messages.”

Very suave..  but, lies!  Lies I tell you!   He is a male online dating, there is no way he has inbox messages!   (I’ll be here all week, tip your waitresses!)

I find it humorous that he seemingly is a guy that does not understand the CatLady’s humor.. because I got zero response after I wrote back:

“I’m sorry.. I’m pretty sure this site has a block feature which would probably help you with that.”

What can I say?  I try to help out when I can..   But, to call him on his bullshit even further..  His “About Me” says this:

“Hello??? Anyone here??? I was just looking for my princess. Echoooooooooooooooooo! Well this is embarrassing. At least Mario had something to do when he got to these princess-less castles. Screw this I am just gonna keep looking in other castles until I rescue her.”

His “Ideal First Date” made me laugh too..

“You make me dinner…I just rescued you from a castle. Show a LITTLE appreciation.”

Even though it’s obviously a joke, and kinda funny at that.. That is a big part of the reason he doesn’t get much in the response category..  Girls can get a little uptight when you’re demanding dinner before you know us.

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