Another Classy Profile

11 Oct

“My self-summary:

Contact me if you want me to give you a dick. Cause that is all you woman on okcupid want.”

Au contraire, my friend.   The only profiles you tend to click are those of porn bots, because those are the photos that catch your eye first.   Of course THEY are looking for your dick, or rather your credit card.    Most girls on OKC?   No – I think it’s fair enough to say that most of us are looking for something somewhat real.

You guys gotta get past the shallow thing you do.  (Girls do too..)  I’ve said before that I don’t think guys photograph well –  and I think it’s very safe to say that a lot of girls will probably look cuter/hotter in person than it photos too.   Photos taken by professionals, for porn or otherwise,  will always draw you in.

For those of you that don’t know about how awesome Google is..  Google “reverse image search.”   It will teach you how to find out if a photo is a fake or not.  You are welcome.

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