Six Things I Could NEVER Do Without

28 Oct

Alright – it’s pet peeve time.   I cannot possibly be the only person who hates it when people answer OKCupid’s profile question of “Six Things I Could Never Do Without” in a literal fashion.

Of course you can’t do without air, water, shelter, food, sleep and money.   Pretty sure that would be just about everyone on the planet.  I certainly can’t speak on behalf of OKCupid – but I am quite certain they meant things that you would rather not do without.

Try putting your favorite hobby.  My profile says that I could “never” do without my camera.   Of course, I literally could do without it –  and do frequently.. but,  ideally, it’d be with me all the time.

Do you really like to travel?  Put that you could never do without airplanes.

Are you always cold?  Or hot?  Put that you could never do without blankets, or air conditioning.

Be unique.   I know gravity is a necessity for Earth life… you don’t need to remind me on your OKC profile.

One Response to “Six Things I Could NEVER Do Without”

  1. kellig October 28, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    so right…


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