What’s a Spell Check?

25 Nov

Can we make a rule that if you are searching for love online without a photo – then you, in return, can’t see anyone’s photo?

“im new to this whole concept.but you seem my type,;) 

i realise showing a topless pic of me and no face is not a good start but would you believe im actually almost as hot as you 🙂 and that is the only pic i know that doesnt have my face in shot that i could think of(its seems vein but if you ant a pic just send me an email address that you’d be happy for me to send to an i shall) 
im starting a fitness enterprise new year and doing a marathon in april for charity 
I really am a charming well to do guy whos just a bit unlucky i think. 

p.s you seem really cute an if i saw you on a noght out i wouldn’t hesitate to say hello.”

I am sure Mr. Shirtless is probably a nice guy.. but, spelling and grammar do go a long way.   I cringe just looking at this.   And, you just know it’s a form letter too, since he felt so inclined to add the P.S. to it.   First he’s actually almost as hot as I am, but then P.S.  I seem really cute?   To me,  cute and hot are different categories.  (We could discuss that in the comments if I’m wrong.)

Seriously..  This message is nothing a little spell check wouldn’t fix.  It’s SO easy to use, too.  (However,  only he can help not showing his face.)

One Response to “What’s a Spell Check?”

  1. Tomato Spammer November 25, 2012 at 12:46 am #

    I wouldn’t want my face associated with that grammar either.

    I use cute and hot interchangeably, but I’ve noticed girls tend not to. I see “hot” aa slightly more vulgar version of “cute”. And no, cute kittens and children aren’t “hot”, cuz context. (e.g. “i love pizza” vs “i love that woman”)


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