What’s Wrong with Vegans?

29 Nov

“Well at least you aren’t a vegan

Well u look crazy as shit

Anyways I think ur hot and would like to improve if life with my awesomeness”


If this message doesn’t confuse the masses, nothing will.    Or what about:

“I’m a plumber and you like plumbing mmmm hi what’s your name​”

Well, shoot.. I hope everyone at least appreciates plumbing (of the indoor variety..)  but still, not the best opening line.


I got nothing-  I got a fever tonight..  Off to play my cowbell.

One Response to “What’s Wrong with Vegans?”

  1. Tomato Spammer November 29, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

    All I can add to this is that OKC has an impressive number of vegan girls. It is bad enough that to be otherwise does stand out.


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