Food For Thought..

27 Mar

Online dating is hard, and for several reasons.   I think one of the big reasons is when you are interacting with someone through only written word, you don’t get to see body language, or hear the person’s intonation.   Maybe you think they are serious when they are being sarcastic..  (This is why I will always say yes to podcast interviews, and Velvet and I have our own podcast that we do every-so-often.   Those of you who have heard me know that I am fun and games and smiles, whereas someone who has not heard me might think I am harsh.)

Today the messages would not stop rolling in.. (it’s either feast or famine in the online dating world..) I was feeling feisty today, and in an effort to entertain you on my blog, I was responding to people I normally wouldn’t:

“I like your profile.  Dinner and a movie at your house sounds great! :)”

“Sure.. come on over, stranger.”

“Haha, funny.  It would be kind of nice though.  Just saying.”

Okay – before I go further..  what kind of response could he possibly have wanted to his inviting himself over?

“So come over then.”

“I’m even considering doing the dishes for you after.  I noticed you hate doing that haha.”

“So nice of you.”

“You’re not down!  You’re just saying that!  My name is [Name] btw.”

“What are you talking about?  I make dinner for strangers at my house all of the time.”

“Do you really?  So this, wouldn’t be awkward at all right? Come on now.. But I also asked for a movie too.”

“Depends on the movie..”

“On what?”

“If I will grant a movie.”

“Fair enough.  Would be nice to cuddle/snuggle after a good dinner while watching a movie.  Just throwing that out there.”

“Well you just keep throwing stuff in there, don’t you?”

“That’s what she said.”

Okay – now, I LOVE a good “That’s what she said!”  But that was a very poor one. I even verified with a friend of mine to be sure I wasn’t missing something.   Lame attempt.

“She did?”

“You’re a goof.  I like your sarcasm and sense of humor.”

“Oh boy.”   (Although I am a goof..)

“So, do you have a name?  Or do I have to wait until you’re yelling mine out after dinner?”

“That’s a little bold, don’t you think?”

“Well, you were playing along.  I was only seeing how far I could take it.  My apologies.”

Now – this is where I questioned if he was certain I was playing along..  because, yes, I was clearly responding to him –  but had this have happened in person, he would have noticed the eyerolls and the severe sarcasm I was oozing.   Really, he took it too far at the first message.

Let’s say I continued on this conversation and met up with him.  Now, I’m a fun person and all – but he could very easily tell me that I am nothing like I seemed online.   When you’re reading, you can take the words in whichever way suits your fancy.  (This is why I believe that text messages should never be anything but light-hearted.. but that’s another rant in itself.)

So – think about that before you take your “online flirtation” too far..  Get off the computer and get a drink or something to see if there’s chemistry so you don’t waste your time…

I’m going to invite this guy over… wait, no I’m not.

2 Responses to “Food For Thought..”

  1. Frienemy March 28, 2013 at 12:48 pm #

    Barf, barf, barf, barf and more barf. So glad you’re not meeting this turd. “Me man. Me want sex. Me try sexy time flirt message with girl. Me not clever. Maybe me lucky and girl not notice. Me get boner, must type some more!”

    Your advice to get off the computer ASAP is genius, by the way. I refuse to even do the phone call prior to date #1.



  2. miacummings March 28, 2013 at 2:36 pm #

    Haha oh yes…. The complications of the written word versus body language. This is why I try and get a ‘meet & greet’ in asap…. weeks spent chatting online / over texts only to find there’s nothing there in the flesh? Most disappointing..!


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