An Update- FINALLY!

2 May

I am so sorry that I have fallen off the planet for awhile.  I won’t go into details, other than my absence was not boy-related (sadly).   But – things will start swinging upward and we can get back to our regularly scheduled blog posts — and by “regularly scheduled” I mean whenever I feel like it..  but more often.

Sadly this is not an online dating blog post.. but –  it still made me laugh, and for those of you who are just not sure how the male mind works yet.. maybe this will help.

I was checking out Facebook this morning when I saw a very long update from Velvet.  (You know,  BFF who was online dating with me until she got herself a boyfriend.)    Her status update, in a nutshell, said that she needed to sleep, but was distracted by thinking about this, this, that, this, that, this, this, etc.  (It’s a female curse, I tell you!)

The following is the comments on said Facebook status:

MR. Velvet:   I told you meth was a bad idea.   (This was a joke, just so those of you who don’t personally know her take it the wrong way.)

Velvet:  Meth??? I thought I was supposed to avoid MATH!? Stupid high school guidance counselors and their tricky wordplay…   (She’s a geek.. but this shouldn’t be anything new.)

MR. Velvet:  Math=good. Meth=no teeth.

MR. Velvet:  …so also good.


This interaction just made me laugh and I felt it was worthy to share with you.  Hope you all are having a swell week!

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