13 May

It was The Intern’s birthday yesterday and after dinner, we went out to the local restaurant that turns into a hoppin’ nightclub after dark on weekends.  Being that I was sober the entire evening,  I have some observations about how things go when people go out dancing, and some advice to go along with it.

Firstly, gentlemen..  there is a time when it is okay to dance with a girl (a.k.a. go up behind her and start grinding) without asking and a time when it is not:  It IS okay if you have made eye contact with this girl more than once, and there was a smiling interaction.   It MIGHT be okay if your friend is dancing with this girl, and she knows you are friends with him.  It is NOT okay in any other scenario.

Secondly, ladies..  And I know this is difficult..  If a guy (ESPECIALLY a painfully nerdy guy) politely asks you to dance, after seemingly creeping your group of girls for awhile,  don’t turn him down.  You don’t have to go home with him.  [Some] Guys struggle so much with working up the courage to do this,  and rejection stings.  (Just think about when you text a guy and get ignored..)  Someday, some girl is going to think he is gorgeous, and because you wouldn’t dance for 3 minutes, he may not ask her to dance.  JUST DO IT.  If he’s asking in the first place, he is going to be respectful.

Thirdly, douchebags who don’t follow my steps on item one.. If you start grinding behind a girl who you cannot see, your friends give you the thumbs up, proceed to laugh and take videos of you with said girl, and then leave you alone to dance with her the entire night — you need new friends.   If then this girl/woman’s daughters (who are of legal drinking age at minimum) are wigged out and try to get you to go away, and you don’t – you’re a creeposaur.  Additionally –  No one wants to see you groping anyone’s boobs, nevermind the 55+ year old woman you are dancing with.

Lastly,  being sober at a dance club kind of sucks, because you notice all this shit.

One Response to “Observations”

  1. qwer4321kbye May 13, 2013 at 2:59 am #

    Painfully nerdy guy dancing? Wow. We generally avoid that like cats avoid water.
    I particularly second this advise to women about dancing with nerdy awkward boys. My people and I have a lot to offer and we are summarily dismissed a lot due to our incredibly high rate of social anxiety. Sometimes having one of us get the nerve to ask you to dance is the biggest compliment you could receive. Most of us would rather face an oncoming train than dance and speak to someone we aren’t entirely familiar with.


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