22 Mar

Probably due to the fact that I will one day turn into a crazy cat lady, if I haven’t already done so (minus the cat part), I have always been intrigued by psychics, palm readers, tarot cards, and the paranormal in general.  I don’t want to say I am necessarily a believer,  but intrigued and I haven’t ruled out the possibility of it all.  That being said, I have always been terrified of actually going to talk to one.

I think I’ve mentioned once or twice on here that I often make money with my camera (taking pictures of other people..)  Last summer I photographed a wedding and the grandmother of the groom was a palm reader.  She grabbed my hand and started telling me things I already knew about myself.  (She was especially impressed with the closeness of my family.)  It was fascinating.

So, when I got an email from the Psychic Source, asking if I’d get a love reading done, I couldn’t turn the offer down.   I was excited and terrified at the same time.   I almost had the call recorded for Nothing In Common, but decided against it in case it turned out that I do die alone with cats.

I had a 30-minute reading with a woman named Seanna, who put me at ease right away.  She explained how she works, and to stop her if I had questions about what she was saying or questions I needed answered.   I gave her my birthdate, time of birth (I’m not sure why I know that piece of information.. but, I do) and city and state I was born in.  I did not give her my name, she called me Cat Lady.

She first read me my chart.  She had me pegged pretty well.  The part that sticks out the most from our conversation is that my Jupiter is pretty much directly on my Sun (yeah..) which means I have a lot of blessings, and angels on my shoulders.  She told me that she’d be surprised if I have ever broken a bone.   I have not.  In fact,  I have fallen off the roof of my house (true story..), and other crazy scenarios, but have managed to not break anything.

We talked a little bit about my dating life, and she had some concerns, yet good vibes about someone I’ve been out with recently.  She gave me some advice on how to handle certain situations (both dating and for blog and life success.)  — And she told me that I’m definitely not going to die alone with cats! (Score!)

I think the most fascinating part of the whole experience was that Seanna is also a medium.  (Meaning she can communicate with those who have passed on.)  She said she doesn’t reach out specifically, but did have someone come through during my reading.  She explained it was an older gentleman who had died suddenly.  She referenced a heart attack, and then corrected herself and said it was a car crash.  I didn’t know anyone like that.   She continued that she believed his named started with a “J” and there was some significance to clocks.  I still didn’t know.   She told me I was likely the messenger, and gave me a message for the individual, if I were to find him or her.  A friend from work came to mind, as he had lost his grandfather a few months ago (from a car crash.)  The next day I asked my friend some questions.  Turns out, his grandfather’s name began with “J” and…  he used to make clocks. (!!!!!!!!!!)

I still can’t say I’m a firm believer, but I am still intrigued and haven’t ruled out the possibility.  I think a lot of people view psychics as knowing the future, but I think the future is subjective and changeable.  Seanna didn’t tell me the future, and I wouldn’t have wanted her to.  She gave me insight and advice, and I’d definitely consider talking to her again.

2 Responses to “Psychics”

  1. M. Foulkes March 23, 2015 at 11:29 am #

    Without wanting to sound like a party pooper (I had a good two weeks of trying to explain to people in my office this) you could find about ten videos on YouTube in five minutes that gives a huge weight of evidence that this is a scam.

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  2. skinnyandsingle August 21, 2015 at 11:50 pm #

    Always believe.. it will open even more doors, and you will see even more signs.

    Our ghostly friends are out there!!! and they are watching us masturbate!!!!


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