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A Picture is Worth 84 Words.

30 Aug

“Just looking at your another pic I can say what my heart says U are down to earth girl with high moral values ..stable ..sensible..mature .understanding ..helping ..serious about caring relationships..simple living high goals..bit emotional but practical ..sensual..exotic..u r beautiful by heart and most beautiful are your eyes and lips..A charming personality ..full of joy and emotions..dreams are big..yet very wise in taking all steps for decisions ..a helping person ..wish to smile like anything..wanna live the moments and enjoy ye life in moments..”

Wow – he assumes my entire personality from a photo?   If he met me in real life, he would be in for some big surprises.  (As probably most of you would..)

Which is an excellent segway into:   Karl Mamer interviewed me for is OkCupCast Podcast, which is advice for Nerds who are online dating…  So,  if you wish to ruin the mystery of the Soon2BeCatLady,  take a listen.   (And let me know what you think!)