4 Nov

I was browsing one day in August, and came across Darren.  He is a kindergarten teacher, and basically describes himself as caffeinated and always on the go.   He obviously likes children,  and says that he sometimes listens to Christmas music randomly throughout the year.  (I do this sometimes too.)    Based on this minimal profile information, I think he is someone who could potentially be a good match for me.   The only downside is he lives about 25 miles away.

I send him a message.   We talk at length about summer activities we have been doing,   our jobs,  I learn a lot about Kindergarten curriculum and how much it has changed since we were in Kindergarten.   After 2 weeks of going back and forth,  he asks if I’d be interested in meeting up.   “That sounds fun!”  I tell him.

He then proceeds to ask if I like the State Fair.   Score!  I LOVE the State Fair, but never really can find anyone to go with.. so this is perfect.    And at least if things get awkward, there’s enough going on where as there should be at least SOMETHING to talk about.

So, we set up to go on a Friday about a week and a half away.  I give him my phone number.   He told me he’d text me in a few days.

The Tuesday before our “date” I get a message from him on the website:

Just to let you know, we had a family emergency this week. I hope everything will be okay in the end, but I do not think that I can meet this Friday. I’m so sorry that I can’t meet you. I hope that we can meet up sometime soon!

I respond:  “That’s alright…  Hope everything is okay.”

..and I have not heard from him since.   I would suggest he has fallen off the planet, but he has been on the website since then.    Oh well..

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