18 Nov

Dear boys/guys/men of the internet,

If you are living at home with your parents,  you shouldn’t be attempting to date anyone, unless they too live at home with their parents.  While there are some cases where I would say this can be overlooked –  chances are you do not fall into that category.   If you are an exception to my rule, you can ignore this part of the rant..  but,  I assure you that if you live at home with Mom and Dad,  you and I are in VERY different places in life, and you sure as heck aren’t movin’ in with me.

And… if in your opening message you ARE going to tell me that you live with Mom and Dad… don’t try to act all cool and pretend you are on the mortgage.  You’re not.

In that same opening message, for the love of all that is good in this world,  do NOT tell me that you online DJ in a game called Second Life.   I don’t care if it’s true; you need to go find yourself a job, an apartment and a first life.

That is my public service announcement of today… because this seriously happened.   OMG.

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