Instant Messages

20 Nov

Instant Messaging on these websites gives people just more reason to highly entertain me.    Like the instant messages from a 29 year old man I received tonight (my responses are in bold):

Hi, This is Harry. Good Evening!

Sorry to bother you..

What would you want to know about me?

Per your profile, you seem to have questions in particular…Please feel free to ask them

I do?


I guessed that

oh.. that is not accurate


May be in a hurry…

Can you give me a few more minutes…to help me understand your profile better


Thanks 🙂


correct me if I am wrong

You are an independent person….


in short

And I am surprised and glad to hear that you are very responsible

by saying that you own a house

at this age

Keep it up!

You are a good thinker

if not very critical 🙂


I don’t know exactly what you mean by that

Well, I meant to say that you have got good brains 🙂

Please don’t get me wrong if I am being rather direct…

Can I ask you a question

that’s slightly intriguing me

So, I am new to photography

and have got very good SLR lenses


How’d you suggest me to learn in low-lighting environments like in winter over here

will let you know the lense…hold on

just practice

It’s a 28-135mm canon


I have to get more intuition about focal lengths and apertures

When I try to concentrate on shutter speeds, these other factors vary

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you down with them now

I’m sorry that I didn’t know your name yet…May I know it?

I am Hari/Harry…..dots, not feathers 🙂

Annie   (I have several alibi’s.. this is one of them)

Nice name, Annie 🙂

Firstly and briefly about me

I am slighlty shy but could get along quite well as I am comfortable.

As I said, I am not from here, but have travelled to different places, some of your ancestors’ palces too…:)

Northern and Western Europe

I am looking for a good company to spend time with.

I am kind of new to this online dating thing….but am looking for a good friend first and fore most.

So, if I am not mistaken, I may ask you to get to know more about me just as I do like to as I wish to get befriended to you if you think is possible 🙂

Too many I’s…..:)


Am a software Engineer

by profession

and wish to explore more in general and be creative

And so is my entry into photography too

Am I descriptive atleast by some means or just garrulous 🙂 ??

Am I bugging you , Miss Annie?

i think i am just a little surprised is all.

How come?

Yes, you can be apprehensive about me as we are not yet friends

but wannabe ones

if we wish to

Please feel free to ask me what you want to know

The very fact that I see you being online 🙂 made me go to this extent….sorry to bug you this way :))

So, what are you gifting your parents for thanksgiving 🙂

I don’t generally gift them anything for Thanksgiving.


Maybe an old photograph of theirs could surprise them 🙂

with some creative work to it


Have a question, a bit serious one


What does it take to get to know more about Annie inorder to get befriended to her?

what do you mean by befriended?

By being a pen friend as a good start :))

Is that a wrong word???

befriended = to make me your friend

No Adjectives, please :)))

May be a good friend…..well, that depends on how close we are 🙂

A friend as a good start for sure 😉

Let me rephrase some questions

What do you think about me in general– willing to know more about me or not?

I dont really know you.

That’s the very same reason I asked if I can get to be known more about by you.

Are you interested to make your friend or pal

Pal is way deeper….let’s start with little friendship

Where are you from?

Certainly not from here and so are these odd ball questions 🙂

Am from India

Are you using a translating program? Or do you know English?

Frankly, Annie, do I seem to be waaaay Odd???

How come you have that doubt?

Is my English that bad???? :))))

“translating program”

that’s very funny, indeed

Some of the words you use are a little strange.

yep….I’m not from here

and so you will have to bear with my British lang


your British lang?

British English, I meant

British language


So, may I know if we became sort-of-friends 🙂

or not yet


I am just looking for a good company

sure.. we are sort of friends

as I am not from here….I think a good friend to guide me through will be very beneficial to me

Thanks for accepting me, Annie :)))

I am delighted :))

So, please feel free to bug me as you wish and I wish to be in touch with you

Are you good at baseball games???

I wish to learn more about them too



As you said that you are making me your friend, I wish to express more on how I can be helped…

I will write you more, Annie


So many thoughts right now..

1)   I have to gift my parents something for Thanksgiving?   Shit..

2)  I am fairly certain that there will be at minimum a part 2 to this post.

3)  Please go back and re-read Hari’s messages with a British accent. haha!

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