Awkward – Part 1

22 Nov

I will often times browse profiles when I have nothing better to do.  I came across a guy who had a pretty high “match percentage” for me, although in theory that doesn’t mean anything to me.    So, I clicked his page,  read about him, and then checked out his photos.

His name is Tony.

I know this because in real life I know Tony.   I worked with him a few years ago for a short while.  His main picture somewhat disguised his face, which is why I didn’t realize it sooner.   As soon as I realized this, I practically jumped and immediately moved away from his page-  nothing against him-  It’s just… awkward.

I hadn’t talked with Tony in at least a year, so when out to a movie with a friend, I got a text from an unknown number that said “You scopin’ me out?”   I assumed it had to be him.  When I got home,  I logged onto the website and sure enough had a message from him that said “Hey baby, wanna make out?”   Oh geez.  He immediately starts talking to me on the website via IM, and I apologized-  I didn’t mean to creep his page, I hadn’t realized it was him.   We chatted for awhile and caught up..  old friends, whatever… very normal.

I didn’t expect what happened next.   I get a text the next day, “Wow, I just didn’t ever realize how sexy you are!”   Oh no..   “Okay.”   “Seriously, you are hot!  Your boobs are huge!”   Ugh… SO not what I want to hear from this guy.   I told him that while I am flattered at his sudden interest,  I was not willing to go there.  “Why not?”  I told him that since I knew a few people that he had previously slept with,  I just wasn’t interested.   Were there other reasons?  Of course… but this seemed to be the easiest way to stop the madness.

A few days go by, and I get another text message, once again about my boobs.  I told him he needs to back off and he’s not going to see them.  “Even if it was my birthday?”   “Even if it was your birthday.”    Apparently I am mean.

I wish I could say this is the only experience where I ran into someone from real life.. but alas,  there is more..  Stay tuned.

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