Note to Self..

23 Nov

Self –

If you are going to make a rule that says you don’t respond to people unless they have made it clear that they have read your profile – DON’T respond unless they make that clear!

Actually, truth be told, I responded to this doofus because I just had a strong suspicion that it would give me something to blog about.

Mr. Hot-Shot 21 year old (p.s.  no thanks, I’m not a cougar.) sent me a message that said:  “Hey you know what I was just thinking?!?!?!?”

“No.. sadly mind-reading is not one of my many talents.”    (Now, I know what some people would say-  responding anything would indicate that I am interested.. but, come on – I did NOT say “No, what were you thinking.”  I answered his question that I did not KNOW what he was thinking..)

The next day:  “That we should fool around.”

Suave, Mr. 21.  Classy.   You certainly know a way to a girls’ heart.. or.. other organs?

Chivalry is dead, folks.   Our poor children.

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