The Return of Hari

24 Nov

As previously stated, I knew that Hari would definitely at least get a part 2 on the blog.  Much as he said he would,  he did send me a message to “bug me.”

“Hi Annie,

Good Afternoon!

It’s been a pleasure to know you yesterday. Thanks for letting me be your kinda wannabe friend 🙂

I see that you are not just an independent person but an active one too. In the sense, I wish to get some pep from you 🙂 – be it your sarcasm, your outgoing nature or even photography.

I wish I could get buddied up with you to get to know more about you and explore more(not just hang out like that). More importantly, I can learn lot about the culture in general and any such others 🙂 Not just from being alone, I would like to see you as someone I can talk to when I’d like to, share my thoughts and just spend good time.

Well, photography is one other thing that I may want to bug you about.

I don’t know what to convey anything else right now, but, I think I’d be glad to know more about you.




A very small part of me wants to help this guy out..  There is obviously a little language barrier.  The other part of me thinks that by getting “buddied-up” he means something not anywhere near as innocent as it sounds, and that is where I would be uncomfortable meeting him in real life.  Common sense steps in… not to mention I don’t know if I could handle the “British English”.  😉

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