REALLY Awkward.

25 Nov

Almost everyone that I know has someone that they work with who is probably the sweetest person on the planet.   You know, the shy quiet type who is insanely polite.

When browsing the website the other day, I came across my office sweetheart.  I thank my lucky stars that I noticed who it was BEFORE clicking on the page.   Now, I am going to admit right now that every female on this planet has a little bit of the crazy.  Every last one of us.

I had to see my co-workers page.   HAD to.    So, like any other crazy female,  I created a 2nd profile page with fake pictures and a fake life.

Now, why is finding my co-worker really awkward?    This is REALLY AWKWARD because in my situation, my sweet shy co-worker is married.   His page goes on to announce that he is married (and links to his wife’s page..)   and they have the “open” relationship thing going on.     Okay, that’s weird.

Wait… what’s this?   Oh..  he also has a girlfriend.   That’s totally what I was expecting..   And he is looking for someone else to spoil.   Why oh why oh WHY do I know this?!  I have to see this person nearly EVERY DAY!   And.. I thought he was NORMAL, and not leading a double life..

It’s always the quiet ones…

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