26 Nov

As if there were any doubts, it’s not so great meeting people outside of the internet either.    I went out for some fun music, drinks and dancing with two of my girlfriends tonight-  and quite honestly-  I know why Pink wrote “U and Ur Hand.”   Guys just can’t take a freaking hint!

While my two pals were up dancing,  a couple guys came by and put their drinks down on our table-   Okay..  I think they eventually realized I was SITTING there, and asked if it was okay. “Yeah, fine.”   One of them tried to get me to dance.   Sorry buddy,  I was on purse duty.   I actually WAS on purse duty, but it was also a good excuse, as I had NO interest in dancing with Mr. Gold Teeth.

So, Mr. Gold Teeth then decides to make himself comfortable and sit down.  Umm..  okaaaaaay….   My friends came back, and his buddy sat down with us to.   This guy stared at me for at LEAST 15 minutes.  I could see him in my peripherals. I was NOT turning my head.    Guys – this is a HINT.   We know if you are looking at us.

We, all in our secret girl way, decide we are going to go to the bathroom.   After our group field trip,  we headed outside for a while.   When we went back inside,  creepos were not at our table.   So we sat back down.

But… they came back.  WWHHAATT!!??!!??    The one asked my friend for her number.  She very politely told him that she doesn’t give her number out at the bar, and he turned into instant asshole and we left.

So – guys who frequent the bar/dancing scene..  To recap:

1) If you ask a girl to dance, and she says “No.”   She doesn’t want to dance with you.

2) If you stare at a girl, even on or off, for over a minute and she doesn’t so much as glance your way.. Not interested – move along.

3) If an ENTIRE table of girls gets up and leaves at the same time.  They are not interested.

4) In case you don’t believe bullet 3:  If those girls do not come back within 5 minutes..  for SURE not interested.

5)  Non-creepy guys who CAN take a hint..  if you see this happening, for heaven’s sakes, come to our rescue.

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