Some Thoughts

27 Nov

After the bar “situation” yesterday,  I have been doing a lot of contemplating.   I post and complain about people in the online dating world not reading what I have put out there quite a bit.   After thinking about it,  they are really no different than the idiots at the bar.

Those guys last night knew absolutely nothing about us, yet still wouldn’t go away.  Granted, I think if we had a blurb written about ourselves on our sleeve,  they still probably wouldn’t have read it..

Guys online have a luxury that guys out at the bar do not have.   They get a glance at the personality of the girl before deciding whether or not to chat with her.  Why do they not take this opportunity?   Element of surprise?  Waste time?   I just do not understand!

Please.. someone… anyone…  Enlighten me!

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