What NOT to do:

3 Dec

This fits in with yesterdays post quite well.   Mr. NotACreepyJerk automatically appears like a “ACreepyJerk” because he feels the need to present the fact that he is not, before someone even getting a chance to know him.   Was he called a creepy jerk before and denies it?   The fact that it’s there and in your face makes you wonder and raises a red flag.

Much does this message (not from NotACreepyJerk.. for the record):

“Hey you – Its my birthday today – want to come hang out with me tonight? – 

I know you don’t know me, ditto – but I recently went back to school for criminal justice/law enforcement, graduated with honors. Also applied with the US border patrol and passed everything including a background investigation by the US Dept. of Homeland Security. So I am as clean as they come 🙂 – can send documentation to prove it – why am i telling you this, because I am wondering how spontaneous you are.. want to come hang out??? mix music live on my Native Instruments: Traktor Kontrol S4 DJ component…? – Have some drinks and have fun? You game? 

Feel free to call or text me if you’re up to it, or respond back.


Michael “

Don’t ever ask someone from the internet to hang out without ever talking to them before.   I would think this is common knowledge.. but apparently not.  The fact that he was SO eager to inform me that he can provide me with a background check to make it okay makes me question the safety of going to hang out.    I have never seen a government background check – how would I know it’s real?   I would much prefer to do my own background check.

I also think giving your cell phone number (granted, it could be a “backup” number like I have..)  to people you don’t know at all is bad.  Part of me REALLY wants to have a guy friend with a deep manly voice call the number and say “Yeah, I’m game for hanging out.”

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