Batshit Crazy

4 Dec

So – we all remember that I have a profile out there that says “I will fill this out later.”   Well,  not anymore.   I have updated this profile to inform the masses of horn dogs on the meat market, that I am NOT CRAZY.   I then continue on my about me explaining that I have 8 cats,  immediately want babies and am a gold digger,  and that I have trust issues, so I require my men to be in contact with me at least once an hour… and so on.

…And I am STILL getting messages on there…    from men who are rich who want babies immediately too….  Or perhaps from more guys who don’t know how to read.

I’ve been called out once so far..  a whopping 10% in 8 hours.   Nothing has stood out as ultimately hilarious yet… but I am sure stay tuned.


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