Ladies.. Seriously?!

5 Dec

Several guys have brought this up to me, so I feel it needs to be addressed.   I also once saw it referenced on an episode of The Big Bang Theory – so I know it’s a “thing.”    Girls aren’t all that innocent in the online dating thing either.

Girls – if you plan on actually meeting people off the internet, and not just using online dating as a self-esteem boost.. represent yourself accurately.    Guys are visual.. they are going to notice if your pictures are outdated, or if you’ve gained weight since then.   After talking to a few about this – it’s pretty much a deal breaker for most of them.   They feel they’ve been lied to.

When this notion was first presented to me, I tried to think of why this was being done.   Because I tend to give the benefit of the doubt whenever possible (with the exception of strangers on the internet..),  I gave the following theory:   You know how girls with eating disorders are stick thin – and they look in the mirror and just see fat?   Some girls, who aren’t stick thin,  look in the mirror and see stick thin.   So – in some girls’ defense, I argue that case. But.. at the same time..  come on..

Ladies – let’s be fair with these guys.  Post pictures that accurately show who you are… not who you were.   If someone’s not going to talk to you for it – he wasn’t worth your time anyways.   And if you fall into my defense category –  have a good friend help you pick out your pictures.    Besides, you know you’d be pissed if a guy did that.

One Response to “Ladies.. Seriously?!”

  1. Victim of bad pictures December 5, 2011 at 9:44 pm #

    Thanks for addressing this one!!


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