Christmas Creep

24 Dec

Like I have said previously, I am trying to get better about responding to people in general,  even if they don’t make it obvious they have read my information.   At least if nothing else comes of it – I generally get a new blog entry out of it.

Today – I got a message from someone who accepted me as a “match.”   He told me that I am gorgeous –  so, I sent him a message saying thanks.

He then proceeded to ask me what I am looking for with online dating.   I told him to be honest, I am not sure.  (This guy didn’t have much information on his profile, and based on photos I didn’t really find him attractive.)    Lucky for me I guess,  he cut right to the chase after that and said “Me neither.   Are you naughty or nice if you don’t mind my asking?”    …How Christmas-y of him…

Okay-  I can’t imagine any guy looking for a “nice” girl would ask this question.   Or am I wrong on that?    I wrote back a simple “Oh wow.”  and haven’t heard from him since.

These types of things should really tick guys off who are looking for something meaningful (if there are any of those out there for real)  because it’s people like this guy who make girls not answer short messages.   At least I wasted no more than 3 minutes of my life on this one-  but still..


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