It never ends.

25 Dec

I got messaged by a guy who is from Alabama, but just recently moved to my neck of the US.    His photo is of him, nearly making out with a girl.   While I find this odd –  it’s not the point of this.

“if you could live anywhere, where would it be?”

“I can live anywhere.”

“that’s funny, when I typed that out I wondered why could is not a can,, I picked here, not sure where my next “can” is yet but it will most likely involve a boat & sand, but not a sandy boat, that would get annoying”

I didn’t respond after this – because really,  I wasn’t interested.    About 10 hours later I get this message:

“are you gonna remain in Cupid Land? I’m a weirdo,,, Alaska & Belize are the next places on my list”

Uhh.. okay…   I still didn’t respond –  not only because I wasn’t interested, but I was preparing for my Christmas festivities.    Christmas Eve day, on a short break, I checked my phone and saw I had another message from this dude:

“flirt with me”

“Umm.. no.”

“umm,, ok good luck, fat chicks are only good for blind folded blowjobs anyway”


I honestly didn’t expect him to write back again..  and I could go on and on again about how pretty much after saying that to anyone – you have lost any chance if you ever had one to begin with.    My phone beeped again:

“that was very poor flirting on my part,,, you’re a hard nut 2 bust”

I am not really sure what that means..  but.. whatever..  I am more than 100% done with that.

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