An extraordinary gentleman who gets what he wants.

26 Dec

The laughter just never quits with online dating..

“Ready to be pleasantly surprised!?!     (Oh boy, am I ever!)

My name is Grant and I’m an extraordinary gentleman who is looking for the woman of my dreams and to sweep her off her feet. I have my life together, college degree, car, job, my own apartment and so on. I know what I want and when I go after something, I usually get it. I want a woman who is strong, sassy and sophisticated. I think you are absolutely stunning and it sounds like we would get along famously. We will laugh, smile and have one hell of an adventure. I look forward to hearing from you!”

Okay- the kind of “full of himself” attitude he takes does not pleasantly surprise me, or surprise me at all.    But this message does make me laugh.    If he is someone who usually gets what he wants-  what on earth is he doing online dating?    I would argue that most people are online dating because they don’t get what they want.  (I know that’s certainly the case for me.)

I understand a lot of girls looking for “love” online are gold diggers –  but it still cracks me up when guys feel the need to say that they have a car, a job, and a place.   Granted it is important,  I have those things as well, and don’t think I would be able to handle someone who lived at home with Mom, didn’t work and I had to chauffeur around.     However, I think he took the wrong approach – especially with me.   My profile where he messaged me is short-  but does mention that I own a house.   Informing me he rents an apartment doesn’t impress me.   If you are 29 years old and not capable of renting, there is something wrong.

I will probably message him back to see if he gets whiny and calls me fat after I shatter his dreams like the rest of them lately.

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