Don’t waste his time..

27 Dec

you sound like you’re looking for something more, like me.
In my world beautiful women abound in great quantities so to be frank I’m not
impressed by mere beauty alone.
When you respond back, I might share with you some of my thoughts,
you might have what it takes to bring out the hidden qualities in me.
But, I think you deserve to know that I’m not interested in cybersex or becoming
anyone’s online fantasy.
I would enjoy getting to know you based solely on the understanding that if we find
we enjoy talking and feel safe with each other,
we can begin to talk on the phone, and then meet in person. If you are not interested
in in person meeting don’t reply.
Delete my email, pass up on a wild adventure but don’t waste my time”

Although this message alone made me laugh – I decided that I should read what this guy has put on his profile for the world to see.. and it’s rich folks, it’s rich:

First and foremost, I laugh at that he is actually NOT LIVING IN THE COUNTRY but saving up for a visit to my city -which he lists himself as living in.    Don’t waste HIS time?!   HAHAHAHAHA!

He also requests that a girl not message him if she is married to more than one guy.

“If get to spend some intimate time with me, you will remember it the rest of your life.”

“I own a motorcycle.  So, you better learn how to clean a motorcycle.”


Sigh..  Some people..


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