Dear Internet, No one owes you anything.

28 Dec

It entertains me that people online think they are owed a conversation, or owed a response, or owed pictures, or owed anything.  Why is that?   I don’t know you, I don’t owe you anything.   I don’t know you –  I don’t expect anything from you.   I throw messages out there and never hear back –  whatever..   There is no law saying you have to respond to someone if they talk to you.

“I keep looking at oyur profile hoping for more pics, I think your main one is cute but wanna see the rest of ya! Sorry, I know that sounds shallow, but everyone has things they like ya know. “

The photo this guy who I have never talked to or heard from before this is a slightly below the bust and up photo.   It’s not just my face.    (He resides on the meat market- and not the more respectable dating site where I actually have lots of different types of photos of myself.)

I wrote back:

“Sorry to disappoint, I guess.. but I don’t owe you anything.”

“sorry for having an interest?”

Now.. I am sorry – but liking my face doesn’t mean you have an interest.  Wanting to see the rest of my body doesn’t mean you have an interest.   An interest in my body, maybe.. but me as a person – no.   I am not ashamed of my body –  but, if someone is genuinely interested – I want it first and foremost to be based on my personality.   My personality has stayed relatively consistent, and will continue to stay close to the same, whereas a body can and will change.

You have to be really close to me for me to feel like I owe you anything.


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