Math makes you smart.

20 Jan

OKCupid has a portion of your profile that says “You should message me if..”     Most people have “rules” in this section, as I once did.  Others just basically say “You like what you have read, and you yourself are awesome.”

While browsing,  I came across a person who said the following in his “You should message me if..“:

“You can solve this problem: (4(5+3))+8 = ?

Wrong answers will be ignored because intelligence is the sexiest thing about a woman ;-)”

First and foremost,  I came across it because it was on the “recently updated” list.   The word intelligence was italicized, meaning that it was what was changed.  So, I am pretty sure beforehand, he had spelled intelligence wrong.

I would also like to point out that I most certainly can solve this math problem, but refused to, considering myself exempt as I wasn’t actually interested in this guy.

I did, however, message him.    I asked why being able to solve a math problem would automatically make someone intelligent in his eyes.   Can people not be intelligent in other ways?

He viewed my profile – but did not respond.   I sent him another message that basically said “Seriously.. I want to know.”    And, still no dice.

So – we will never know.  But, brush up on your math skills if you want to find a “keeper.”  😉

One Response to “Math makes you smart.”

  1. B.V. January 20, 2012 at 12:46 am #

    My rules were mostly grammatical. Otherwise, I just listed suggestions, like if you enjoy dancing or drink hot tea or think glasses are sexy. But they weren’t requirements.


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