Haha! I’ve been blocked!

21 Jan

After a conversation that was quite short but lasted over the span of a day and a half,  I have finally pissed off a dude enough to have him BLOCK me on the dating website.   ..and it was not as difficult as one could imagine.

Now, keep in mind:  this was on the page where I move around frequently – and according to that profile, I currently reside in Orlando, Florida.

This gentleman is 31, and has his main photo of himself with his shirt off.    You will soon see why I asked this – but I did ask my Twitter followers if they give the time of day to a dude online with a no-shirt picture – and got mixed responses..  But, there are DEFINITELY people against it.


“lets hang out tonight ;)”     (Yes – this was the FIRST time I have heard from this guy)


“i just got this now,,, haha where are you?”

I told him I am in the state in which I currently reside- which, for the record – is NOT Florida, and not close to Florida.

“haha i thought you were by me”

“Nope.  Come on up!”

“haha it wouldnt make sense, i have really hot chicks here that would only cost me a hundred to do the whole things, considering the plane ticket to go up there and all the uncertainty it wouldnt make sense,,, you can understand that,,, but your always welcome to come here haha”

My response is where I was trying to help a guy out…

“I am not sure the luck you have on this site,  but I know a lot of girls have an unspoken rule against dating guys who have their shirt off in their profile picture.”

“you mean thats your rule??? haha your retarded, im actually went on 5 dates this week off here and god laid twice, so you have no idea what your talking about it really makes me laugh”

“I didn’t say that was MY rule.   Additionally, I would like to mention that if you want to tell someone that you think they are retarded, you may want to use proper grammar and say “YOU’RE retarded”.. because otherwise, well – you kind of look like the retarded one.”

Ahh..   a lesson in grammar for all..

“haha wow your so smart but yet you dont have a pot to piss in little girl,,, you are full of all kinds of pent up anger and rage you have major issues,,, i dont care about you in anyway shape or form, or where your from or what you mean nothing to me, your just another trashy girl thats going to end up knocked up and being a single mom and looking for a baby daddy.”

I couldn’t respond – because from that moment I was blocked..

I find it funny that he thinks I am the one with the anger issues..  and that additionally I am going to end up preggo and alone..  but, whatever – it made me laugh..

Do you think me telling him that he looked like the “retarded” one is what set him off the edge?

One Response to “Haha! I’ve been blocked!”

  1. s4m4nth4x January 21, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    it would be weird if you were a single mom LOOKING for a baby daddy… Don’t you need the baby daddy in order to produce the baby?


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