The Best Things Come in Small Packages

22 Jan


“Hi, I’m zach, I’m 23, and have a small penis. what’s up!?!”


No!!!  Why are you telling me this?!      Honestly… WHY?!    Is that really supposed to make someone respond to you?

I would like to remind you all that if he had told me how large his schlong was, I would also be appalled by this.   But, really?    If you are going to try to sell yourself to someone,  that is what you are going with?

My bets are that is what he uses to get a response – any response – from a female.   Unless he is absolutely stupid, and I guess that wouldn’t surprise me either.

I responded to him the best way I knew how:

“Hello Zach.   You are too young for me.”    

..because he is..  I am an age snob – and he is obviously immature.

He never responded…  I guess he just wanted me to know about his small penis?

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