Behaving in Public – Is the internet not public?

29 Jan

Everyone has at least a little baggage, right?   Or something quirky about themselves that could potentially be a deal-breaker?

“Hey, would you like to go grab dinner with me sometime? I promise I’ll behave and won’t show my penis to anyone.”

Hahahaha!   Is this a common problem with this guy?   I don’t know if I would be able to handle that.

In all honesty,  this message is slightly out of context, but funny nonetheless.  He had sent me a message on my dating profile that I move my location around..  The one that said:  By the way, I don’t live here.   At this time,  my profile said I was in Nevada.   I, sadly, have to remember this conversation by memory, because POF caught wind of my ways, and deleted this profile for me.    Apparently they just don’t realize how funny I am.  😉

He had sent me a message, telling me to check out his profile, which included one of the infamous “dick pics.”     I don’t remember what exactly I had said, but he wrote back that he gets reported a lot, and he has it up there because he doesn’t take online dating seriously (who does?) and he enjoys when super conservative ladies freak out at him.    I had told him it’s not something I want to see, but it certainly doesn’t surprise me as he wasn’t original.

After this, I apparently seemed interesting, and where was I when he was taking this seriously?   “Where I have always been.”   I told him, and thought to myself “NOT IN YOUR STATE, LEARN TO READ!”      To which then he asked to dinner and promised to keep his penis to himself..

I asked him where he would like to meet for dinner..   He listed a place and I told him that would be too far to travel for me.  (You know, not living in Nevada after all..)     and, who knows what would have happened next, because POF deleted me.

It does amaze me what people put online though.   If you throw out a picture of your genitalia on the internet,  what is stopping me from thinking you would whip that out at a public restaurant?


One Response to “Behaving in Public – Is the internet not public?”

  1. Mike January 29, 2012 at 7:05 am #

    With the internet, people are cloaked in anonymity and are far more likely to act out (or whip it out as it were). Plus there’s the lack of consequences; if he did that in public, he could be arrested and forced to register as a sex offender. On the internet, he’s just another dick.


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