30 Jan

One of my Twitter BFFs sent me a link to a guy she found while surfing for men on the www.   I was quite appalled by her find of this 48 year old “nudist” who has a photo of himself fully clothed.  (Go figure.)  I give to you his Self Summary on his profile:

“My title is Emissary Master Steve and at my side is my devoted slave melani she is also my wife. I also have slave janet and sub megan who I am protecting here as well. The best way to explain me is to start with who I am.”

Before we go any further- I want to point out that he is automatically a tool because he capitalizes his name, and when referring to himself –  but his women don’t get that same respect.

“I am a warm, caring man with a heart that wants for many. I have built a lifestyle just for this purpose. I love bringing kinky people together to watch and participate in the wondrous adventure of their kinks. My personal biggest kink is to see all the people that open up their interests and want to show off. Open there sexuality and let it fly. This is such a wondrous life. I revel in the wonder of it all.  You will be safe and not judged here. Some rules do apply.”

Some rules?  Like what?

“I am also an Ordained Emissary. I can perform Marriage ceremonies, Rose ceremonies and more. If you want to be joined together in any way like nude, Adult, same sex. I can help with this for you. My grounds are very nice for such ceremonies. I believe that sexuality and life should not be separate but should be combined to make life full. We are born with the drive for sex. Why hide this? I am also available for counseling.”

Okay.. he’s on a dating website – and yet advertising his services.   What kind of counseling does he offer?   I don’t think anyone not open to his life style probably wouldn’t want counseling from such a person… Maybe I’m wrong.

Also –  when he talks about being joined together in any way- what does he mean by such as “Adult.”   ?

“I am looking to find another special woman or man to add to our lives. To build a polyamorous relationship with. This woman may be you. We have no kids at home. We will consider someone with children. If we can figure a way to fit them in without causing any harm to them and there way of life. You will need to be bisexual and have a desire to show off. Not be shy. There is nudity always present in our lives. We have our own lifestyle group that gathers regularly. Also party frequently with others. We would like to start out slow and see where it goes. We are hard working good people. If you are into BDSM that would be a plus. But not necessary. I am Dominant and my 3 girls are submissive. You are welcome if you are Dom, sub, switch or other. You will not be pushed into anything you do not want. You will let it be known when you are ready. You will find this home to be fun, safe, sexual, kinky and supportive in all your endeavors‘.”

I find it interesting that he is looking for another special woman or man – but then says “This woman may be you.”    The requirement for being bisexual also makes me think that Master Steve doesn’t want anymore dudes around.

“If you like a lot of sexual activity and a lot of attention this is the place for you. So don’t hesitate before it is to late. Come and join our life. You will find it to be unequal to all others.”

Before it’s too late?!    Oh boy.. Where do I sign up!?!?

2 Responses to “Oy.”

  1. s4m4nth4x January 30, 2012 at 12:21 am #

    Would some one really consider bringing children into that????


    • L January 30, 2012 at 1:21 am #

      I certainly hope not.


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