Hi. How are you?

1 Feb

Today’s will be a rant of online dating and real-life alike.

I can’t tell you how many messages I get online that only say “Hi.  How are you?”  And it drives me absolutely crazy.    Unless you are Ryan Reynolds, or I am outrageously bored – I won’t respond to this.

I think that caring is becoming a lost art.   If I ask someone in person how they are – I genuinely want to hear the answer.   So many times in day to day life, I am walking and I see someone who I know and care about.  I ask how they are, and they don’t respond, just walking past.    I also hate it when people in real life are walking by, and don’t stick around for my answer to “How are you?”

Perhaps this is why I despise it so much online.   If people who I believe in real life generally care about me don’t care about the answer –  I assure you that you, stranger on the internet, also don’t care about the answer.

Besides.. isn’t the most common response to this “Fine.”  or “Good.”?    That is not a good way to build a conversation.   I know I have probably skipped over people who are probably awesome because of this.

Please-  just don’t do it.

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