2 Feb

Hooray for instant message!



“How’s it going?”

“How is what going?”

“nm just relaxing at home, how’s your day going?”


“i’m sending you a few pics”

“hope you like them”

“Please don’t.”

“um ok lol”

“too late”

“i guess u don’t wanna talk”


::User has left the chat::


This guy assumed way too many things.   The first, of course, that I asked him how it was going with him.   If that had been a verbal conversation, he would have definitely gotten a raised eyebrow.

Then, he assumed that I wanted him to send me pictures… which were of his junk..  No –  that assumption was wrong.

He lastly assumed that I didn’t want to talk.   This was probably a fair assumption- however, I would have continued talking.   He made the decision for me that I didn’t want to talk.

Guys and girls alike –  why do you do this?   You shouldn’t decide for someone if they want to talk to you or not.  What if they do, and you ruined that chance?  What if that guy was supposed to be the dude who changes my destiny, and I don’t end up a crazy cat lady?  (Okay.. we all know that’s not the case.. but hypothetically..)

I had this happen once for real, and it bugs me.   His profile intrigued me, and he was HOT.   I laughed because his photo was a serious one, but he put that he doesn’t want you to message him if you don’t have a picture of yourself smiling.  (I do have a smiling photo, as well as serious-faced ones.)   I sent him that he at least has to understand that the serious photo makes one look mysterious and intriguing, as his main photo was serious.   He wrote back asking if I was interested in talking, or just being sassy?   I told him,  “I don’t message people for the LOLz.”   ..He never wrote back..




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