Anyone want to date “Kurt Russell”?

6 Feb

If any of you would like to see how much this guy resembles Kurt Russell  – apparently he will snail mail you some pics…

Here is a fantastic profile I have come across:

I’m a Kurt Russell look-a-like!   (Prove it, my friend..)

Once you go “TALL” you’ll never go (small)…lol.     

I can back it all up “BIG TIME” being 6’4”& 230# of SMOKEN HOT SUPER SEXY pleasure! I’ve also got an extremely FUN personality and love to LAUGH…LOL…(even at myself).    (And we’re humble..)

I’m an Actor/Singer and have been in about 25 movies over the years including: “Backdraft”,”Prelude To a Kiss”,”Babys Day Out”,”Richie Rich”,”Ground Hog Day” both “Grumpy” movies and many many more. I feel VERY HUMBLED to be in show biz and look like I do! A lot of the directors and producers I have had the pleasure of working for in the biz tell me that I look like a Tall & Slender LOOK-a-LIKE to a young Kurt Russell.    (Has anyone seen any of these movies and have spotted a “young Kurt Russell” look alike?)

I’m sorry that I don’t have a pic online but being an actor I try to keep a little bit of a low key. THANKS for your kind understanding. Again…I apologise for not having a pic online anymore as I’ve had some problems in the past with other men using my pics to send to woman. So I pulled them all off…however I’d be glad to mail some of my pics out for you…like I’ve done with my agents…(snal mail)…if you’d like. So please feel free to leave a po box…(not a home address)…and I’ll be glad to get them out for you…asap.   (God – I HATE it when people steal my photos and try to pass them off as them..   Oh.. WAIT!!  Is that why no one ever looks like their online dating profile photos!?!?!)

I was very lucky to have got that Kurt Russell face the height and being on the slender side too…so if we ever had the pleasure of meeting I would pay for you GAS a FULL TANK!…if your not TOTALLY BLOWEN AWAY at my looks! Thats how confident I am about the way I look!    (“I would pay for you GAS a FULL TANK!” ..  and can someone be “blowen”?)

I have moved on now in show biz and currently have my screenplay out in CA. I hope to have one of the majors option it. I like to go to Dinner, Movies or ?. I enjoy treating a woman RIGHT by opening doors, pulling out her chair or helping her with her coat on….just to name a few. I have a FUN and PLAYFUL side too! I’d LOVE to pamper & spoil you with my FANTASTIC toy bag for all your PLEASURES and DEEPEST desires! Let me be your teacher and take you to heights of PLEASURES you’ve only DREAMED about!   (Maybe the other movies he was in were porn?)

Experience the “BEST” and the (rest) flunk the test…lol.    (I wonder (what) he means?)

I love to hug and hold and am a GREAT kisser too. I’m SUPER OPEN MINDED…as you can tell already. I think you can LEARN a lot from all different age groups too. I really enjoy LEARNING everthing everyone else is doing as you can’t ever learn enough about people. Also what they enjoy doing for fun and enjoyment…so to me thats part of being “OPEN MINDED” and I never want to “grow up”…lol. Maybe that will keep me YOUNG forever and live a LONG & VERY HAPPY life. God willing! 

Don’t stop READING now the BEST is yet to come!   (One would hope.. but, sadly he is mistaken..)

The “Past is History”…the…”Futures a Mystery” so “LIVE in the PRESENT” cause its a real GIFT!    (Hmm.. did you come up with that one yourself?)

Also…any size or height is fine as I think all people are great and…(any age)…as (age) is just a “STATE OF MIND” but you MUST have a NICE personality and a GOOD sence of humor. 

Now on the “SERIOUS SIDE” for a minute. Please don’t ask me why I’m on a site as everyone is on sites these days….right. Plus please don’t ask me why I said so much in my profile…as I just had to put more into it since I don’t have any pics online anymore…thanks. 

Prepare yourself for something different…as I’m undefinable. Are you that high paced professional…looking to submit after a hard days work or a woman who just wants to let someone take control? I have been in the lifestyle all my life…therefore it is very easy for me to relate to all different levels of it. I’ve been in this craft of the lifestyle through my love of the art and expression. I have a professional backround in the arts and my great appreciation for how we experience things…through our sences. The way it can transport us…is applied in my philosophy. I’m a very creative man in all that I do in life and love spontaneity…plus exploration too. You can gaze into my wonderful green eyes and breathing in the sensual colonge (Halston 1-12)..that I where. You’ll have the indulgence of me and using my UNREAL TOY COLLECTION…including a “BRAND NEW” F-ing Machine that I purchased from CA. I now have about 8k worth of FANTASTIC TOYS for all your wonderful DESIRES! I see the lifestyle as a more definitived power of exchange…allowing another person to control your UNBELIEVEABLE experiences and take you to places you’ve never been before…plus experiencing all your sences and allowing yourself to trust that person…to accept their decisions ~ it is so…so intimante. I think that is one of my favorite aspects about lifestyle and the way it helps someone to let go of all the stress and drama in there life! 

Thank you for reading my profile. I’m SURE you’ve NEVER read one like this before!

Where do I sign up?

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