Google Search

30 Dec

As 2012 comes to a close and I prepare for another year of not being kissed at midnight on New Years Eve..  (story of my life..)  I have been diggin’ around the good ol’ WordPress to summarize Soon2BeCatLady 2012.

I came across a way to see EVERY google search term that led to my blog… and some of these are just too great not to share.   Any posted below were used as a search term more than once.

Of course-  top of list was “Soon 2 Be Cat Lady”  or.. some type of variation of that.  That makes sense.

The second most searched term to find my blog was “Beautiful Ass”  – or a misspelled version of the same.   One can only assume that they found this blog entry.

The rest are just my favorites..  If it’s a link,  I have included what I either think, or know the person found…  others – I have no clue.  Enjoy!

underwear shopping

I want to see your pussy

kurt russell lookalike

amazing handjobs

complimenting girls

the next step is to make her realize those cookies would have tasted better if she was wearing a skirt

how to look at girls   (…How to LOOK at girls.. Seriously?!)

dowse you in green paint and spank you like a disobedient avocado

whats a really long stupid message I can send   (That is NOT what my blog is for.. Stay away, YOU!)

does anyone get messages on Okcupid?    (Awww…)

i have stubborn belly fat

crazy broad on pof   (Yeah.. that’s definitely me.)

sexs swagga

lady sex in cat   (Uhh.. what?)

poems about online dating    (I’m clever.. but I’m not THAT clever.)

why don’t all guys message me back on ok cupid  (Because you’re not God’s gift to men..)

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