The internet is very powerful..

7 Feb

I have spent the last few days arguing with a married man on a dating website.  He is looking for an intimate encounter because he is not being satisfied, and his wife “is a b*tch.”

Obviously – you all know my feelings on this are strong – and that I think if you are a married dude (or a married woman..)  you should NOT be online dating.

So- I asked him:

“Why do you think it’s okay to be on a site like this if you are married?”

“Well lets see…if u notice there is an option fo0r married people on this site so I gues the site knows married people are on here but I guess u missed that”

Okay, Smartass..   “Maybe you didn’t understand my question.. It was more along the lines of why are you above your wedding vows?”

“you should be asking my wife that question. Ask her why she is a B***H and why she feels the need to treat her husband like crap and disrespect him even though he is an amazing father….maybe she just knows I love the kids and uses it against me”

“So get a divorce. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution.”

“Sorry but my kids take top priority

Alright- hold it right there.   REALLY?!!?!?   This guy needs to kick up the brain power here a second.   Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for a few moments and say his wife really is as bad as he claims.   He goes and has an affair..  A jealous woman does better research than the FBI.   (Thank you Pinterest!)      She will find out about his affair and make his life a living hell.   His kids will definitely be told he is the bad guy.  (And well,  even if she’s as evil as he says.. he is at fault..  And if she’s not as bad as he thinks – he’s no better off.)

People with money (i.e politicians, actors etc.) get caught in their affairs.   The internet makes it far too easy to get caught.   This guy thinks he is going to get away with it?     If the wife is so much on a phone bill,  she can find out about this.   Why do people not understand this?

He’s staying to be a good guy for the kids?    He could put his kids through a divorce, which, I will admit is not the greatest thing for a kid to go through..  or, he can cheat, get caught and THEN put his kids through a divorce.   Right, that is definitely the respectable way to go.     This way, his daughter will have trust issues with men, and his son will follow in his footsteps.  (I’m not saying this is a sure thing – this is a stereotype.)

But-  clearly I ” have no idea what I’m talking about” but he’s sure that “after 10 years of marriage I will understand.”

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