The Game

8 Feb

OKCupid shows you on a person’s profile how often they respond to messages.   The green dot indicates that a user responds frequently, the yellow indicating selectively and the red dot of death means they respond very selectively.

My dot is yellow, as I am sure you can imagine.  If you have followed my blog any length of time,  you have seen the kind of messages I get.   Sadly,  responding to boys on the internet is not my full-time job.

Now, if a person sends me a message and it has any substance to it:  I will generally respond to it- even if I don’t find them attractive.  Although I photograph well, I understand that some people don’t.

People complain to me a lot that they don’t get responses to their messages.  I don’t know what to tell you, aside from tips I have posted before.   I send messages out, and don’t hear back also.   It’s annoying!  (Especially because my messages are so witty and clever.. Ha!)    It especially annoys me when a “green light” individual does not respond to my message…  Seriously, is there something wrong with me?  Do I look like Shrek and not know it?

But-  if I come across a profile where the guy has a yellow or a red light-  if I find  anything I can ask them about that I am legitimately interested in:  I WILL message them.    This is my game.   I want a response back from a yellow or red dot dude.   It’s a challenge to me to see if I can impress them enough with my words to get a response back..  So far, no dice.

I will keep trying and let you know if I am successful.   Or, if you have any tips:  send them my way!

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