I am not into girls.

9 Feb

I may be a “man-hating blogger” as someone on one of the dating websites called me,  but I definitely have a straight card.   I have no interest sexually in women.  No offense to anyone that is homosexual – I don’t disapprove of your lifestyle, it’s just not for me.

None of my profiles would indicate any different – they all say I am a straight girl, looking for men.  I have no pictures fondling my gal pals..   So, needless to say, I was very.. surprised.. to get an instant message from a 19 year old bisexual girl at midnight.

“Hey!  How are you?”

“Fine.. what’s up?”   Do I know you?  is actually what went through my mind..

“Are you into girls?”

“No, sorry.  The only boobs I like are my own.”  

“Mmm.  Tell me about them.”

“What?  No.. Little girl, go to bed.”


Ha- that pissed her off and she went into some weird “Oh NO you didn’t” routine on me before I turned the computer off and went to bed myself.

Really, though?   Who does that?  I don’t feel I was disrespectful until she was..  Even if I was into girls – 19?!   Hit on someone your own age!  But, why bother barking up the wrong tree?   That’s just a waste of everyone’s time.  But- this is online- and really nothing should surprise me anymore.


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