Let’s Be Real.

16 Mar

“you are by far the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my life and i would love to get to know you if your interested email me back”

This sentiment is very sweet – however, unless this guy has lived in the black hole his entire life –  there is NO way this sentiment is true.   I mean, I’m alright.. but the most beautiful woman in the world?  No..  not even close.

“I find that very hard to believe.”

“i swear on my life im telling you the truth”

This totally frustrates me.  There is no way he has lived half of a century, and watched TV shows and movies, and then stumbled across my ONLINE DATING PROFILE and determined that no one he has ever seen before is even slightly prettier than I am.

I will reiterate:   The sentiment is sweet.   But, it loses the “aww” factor when it is not realistic.   One could argue that he has never seen a movie star, or who have you, in real life.   He hasn’t seen me in real life either.

Compliments are great and all – but be real about them.

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