17 Mar

Oh Plenty of Fish,  you keep tricking me into believing there are decent people in the world!  ::shakes fist::

“How spontaneous would you consider yourself”

Ack – I hated this question from the start.  In real life –  I am more spontaneous than most.   In regards to online dating,  not really.

“Depends on the situation.”

“Well the situation is you are gorgeous..Im in [city] with nothing to do  and would totally buy you a drink 🙂 thats pretty spontaneous”

“It is.. but sadly, it’s a work night.  Thanks though.”

I then looked to see that this guy lives about 6 hours driving distance away.

“tonight is a work night?  what do you do?  And what is tomorrow”

“I meant I work early tomorrow.. so I am in for the night.  I work in [field].  Tomorrow is Friday.”

“lol ooo a smartass 🙂 I like it…Tomorrow happy hour?”

“I don’t know about that.”

“well I told you it’d have to be spontaneous. It amazes me that people always pass up on opportunities in life. Maybe Im just more curious and always wonder what if, or hate to wonder what if and like to just go for. I think thats whats helped make me successful in life….But obviously it doesn’t seem I’m going to be successful in knowing what getting to know you would be like”

“There is nothing wrong with spontaneous – however – you have to understand that I am a female, and driving 45 minutes away from home to meet a stranger on the internet doesn’t necessarily sound like the safest thing ever.. especially considering I know absolutely zilch about you.”

“lol well then have the stranger drive 45 mins to see u”

I did not agree to anything- but gave him my pseudo number.  (Again, Google Voice for the win, people..  Get one..)  I was at least intrigued to learn what would happen next.

So – I got a text message today, asking what I was doing.  Well – working obviously.  Sadly, blogging has yet to start paying my bills.

“So what are you doing after work”

“I am not 100% sure yet.”   – A true statement.

“So wanna drink and maybe make out”

Duuuuude- I don’t even know this guy’s name.  I’ll be honest, with not much to do on a Friday night –  I contemplated meeting up for the heck of it.. until he said that.  (I would have bought my own drink..)  Granted, that was a lot tamer than most of the online dating “requests” I receive..  but still-   saying yes to a drink but no to “maybe making out”  would almost ensure I’d be roof’ied.

Guess I’m stayin’ in tonight.  =)

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