This Guy Totally Understands Me.

10 May

I love when I come across someone who just speaks to me.

You Should Message Me If:

You have fingers and a keyboard.

I am strongly attracted to intelligence. If you can’t properly distinguish between your and you’re(and yore, if you speak in Old English), its and it’s , or can’t compose a complete sentence, I likely will not respond. Also, if I see that you answered “The Earth” on the “Which object is bigger?” match question… don’t bother to message me. I won’t respond, and I’ll likely write a strongly worded letter to your middle school science teachers.

::Note:: If you can distinguish between your, you’re and yore, AND speak in Old English, I may be impressed. Or incredibly freaked out. Scribe ye at thine own risk.

If you feel you satisfy the aforementioned requirements, message away!


Oh my goodness- the fact that anyone ever answers the question “Which is larger:  The Earth, or the Sun?”   with The Earth just floors me.    Really?   We see our neighbor planet Venus looking like an extra shiny star,  but the sun is smaller than we are?

2 Responses to “This Guy Totally Understands Me.”

  1. Paula May 10, 2012 at 4:54 am #

    Part of the reason I had to leave OKCupid was because I couldn’t stand reading the stupid answers to the questions there, the earth/sun one among them and also any of the math/logic questions. If a man answered incorrectly or failed to answer, it was such a huge turn-off.


  2. kellig May 10, 2012 at 6:34 am #

    i could completely see how someone would think the earth was bigger than the sun. I mean hell, you’re standin’ in your backyard and you can see the sun, and it is only THIS big (squinch your fingers about two inches apart) and the earth is much bigger than that…

    they would have to be dirt stupid, but enough dirt stupid people exist to have elected george w bush president. twice.


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