Sarcasm That Backfired.

11 May

“How I met your mother and Big Bang Theory are everyone’s favorite TV shows. There is no point in mentioning it :-P. And please don’t respond to this message. I won’t have time to read your response anyway, I’m extremely busy.”

He referenced my two favorite shows, because as you all know by now, on POF I tell my online profile viewers they are more likely to get a response if they do.

However – this is one sarcastic message that backfired, because per his request: I won’t respond to his message.    I know he said that specifically to make me want to respond, and I will be honest, part of me wants to..  but then I have fallen into the trap.   So – no go.

Instead I share the message with you, dear reader.    Don’t comment, I don’t want to hear it.   😉


One Response to “Sarcasm That Backfired.”

  1. Velvet May 11, 2012 at 3:05 am #



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