The Secret – How To Get Girls To Look at YOUR Profile.

9 May

I will go on record to say that this is a somewhat intoxicated posting tonight.

I will also go on record to say that while I think animals are neat, I have learned recently that I am not really an animal person.   I can almost say with confidence that my future cats will most definitely be imaginary ones that require no maintenance.

Guys always complain to me that no one looks at their profile.    Do you want that to change?   Take a picture with a kitten, a puppy – or any fluffy creature preferably of the small (baby) variety.    Seriously.

If I see a picture of a guy holding or interacting with a puppy, or a kitten.. I swear I will click that page EVERY time.    It can’t be a picture of JUST the kitten or the puppy..  OKCupid frowns upon that, and that won’t get me to click.  You want us associating “OMG SO CUTE!!” with you in the photo as well.. trust me.  Interaction is key!!

Why?  Because maternal instinct kicks in.   Girls, most girls anyway,  LOVE babies.   (Don’t post a picture of you with a baby though,  we will think it’s yours..)    If you have a picture of you snuggling with a cute little kitten,  the blinking light of “father potential!!” turns on.   Even if we don’t want kids now, or ever… most of us are wired this way.

Ladies.. tell me.. is this not the CUTEST thing ever (used with permission):

Seriously.. you don’t need to have your own.. just borrow one for a photo.  It will work.

4 Responses to “The Secret – How To Get Girls To Look at YOUR Profile.”

  1. kellig May 9, 2012 at 5:34 am #

    It I pretty darn cute. There is a calendar called hot guys and baby animals (my autocorrect just changed that to “anals”, lol!!)
    Great idea, hot guys/baby animals but the guys aren’t very hot… I kinda want to do my own.


  2. nicofdarcyshire May 9, 2012 at 9:42 am #

    This doesn’t work, of course, if the opening line of your profile reads “I’m Nic d’Arcy, and I’m into beastiality…”

    I don’t know… Does this give off the same vibe as when a girl has a photo of ‘them’ on a horse – quite often the same stock photo of obscured girl doing a jump – for a profile pic? It makes me think they are saying, “I do a brilliant Catherine The Great impression…”

    Or is that just me?



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