Spell bounding

12 May

Oh you boys and your creative adjectives.   Plenty of Fish rarely lets me down.  I changed my profile on POF to say,  “All I am looking for is someone to shovel my driveway in the winter, and to mow the lawn in the summer – is that really too much to ask?”  

Apparently it’s not…

“Hi beautiful lady..How are you doing today? I came across your profile and trust me it was spell bounding. I couldn’t resist to know more about you.”

Apparently me wanting a man to do man chores is spell bounding.

However-  I did the same experiment on OKCupid, and I am not getting quite as many messages as before.   More proof behind if you are somewhat intelligent and actually looking for a relationship – OKCupid is the better site to be on.   POF is full of dudes without their shirt on – telling girls who don’t like “man work” that they are spell bounding.


One Response to “Spell bounding”

  1. Becca May 12, 2012 at 12:38 am #

    I never tried pof but I did match and eharmony and hated both of them…then I did okcupid last year and in 9 attempts (in about 9 months) I’ve met my perfect partner and we’re living together. The other 8 were all good guys and I dated 3 of them.
    So eventually it was worth it, but a very interesting journey. The trick for me was to always have 3 guys going at once, that way if one dropped off it didn’t bother me so much. As I rejected I was rejected, so it all kind of worked itself out. I learned not to take it personally. The most fun was coming up with

    nicknames for the guys (officer friendly, guy#7, quality was the guy I ended up with)


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