I am such a hypocrite..

22 May

I am only very slightly shamed to inform you all that as of today I am a big hypocrite.   I broke one of my own rules.   I got a message (on POF, no less)  that may or may not have been a form note-  a very simple “You’re cute!  How are you?”

And I responded to it..  on purpose, and not to blog about it.

I’m sorry – I had to.. this guy is freaking gorgeous.   No, seriously.  I want to take a photo with him on my arm, and I want him to be my trophy husband.  (Okay..  I am being slightly dramatic..  but he’s good looking. VERY good looking.  Honestly,  if anything ever came of it – I would probably not be able to speak the entire time..  If I am awkward generally,  it would totally be amplified here.)

I tell you ALL THE TIME that “Hey how are you?”  doesn’t work.   Okay.. I lied.  It works if you are extremely attractive.   Is that fair?  No… but I also don’t really know how to fix that problem… cuz still as a general rule, I am not going to respond to everyone who asks how I am,  until blogging starts paying the bills.

Any ideas, world?

7 Responses to “I am such a hypocrite..”

  1. Jenn (@jarasen) May 22, 2012 at 1:57 am #

    Can’t argue with “freaking gorgeous”. There are exceptions to every rule… though few and far between!!


  2. Greg Hindman (@ThePinkPhantom) May 22, 2012 at 2:23 am #

    Well, hard and fast rules, especially when we give them a name like truth, principles, or absolutes, are wonderful, in theory. And ultimately dumb. Unless you’re talking life or death or inflicting non-consensual pain, having a black and white view of something is just an easy way not to think.

    It’s great to have rules as values that inform choices. But also great to recognize those handful of exceptions to them. Ultimately, you only betray yourself if you lie to yourself. And this post clearly shows you are not.

    Attraction, happiness, and love are individual, difficult, and often fleeting. I hope he’s more than just a message script jockey.


  3. sosassyandsingle May 23, 2012 at 2:14 am #

    rules are ment to be broken…….


  4. EvenAGhostHasASanctuary May 18, 2016 at 12:53 am #

    Very attractive people have unfair advantages. The rest of us (whoever doesn’t fit the very attractive description) have to put effort, and not bitch about it.

    Most people would break some sort of rule for someone we find very attractive. Nbd. I don’t think someone should feel bad about shallowly liking someone for their looks. It is bad to be mean (online, ignoring is not mean) to someone for not being attractive though…

    I see people (who probably think they are more attractive than they actually are?) get angry because they don’t get the advantages the very attractive people get. If you are very attractive, then you will know. People will pursue you. They are not being shy because your hot-ness intimidates them.

    Oh, and sorry for commenting on so many super old posts, I have too many opinions from interactions with angry guys online. I do hope you invite some special angry guy/form-letter-sender guests onto your podcast at some point. 😮



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