The Infomercial

24 May

When I read this message-  I totally heard Billy Mays in my head..

“Thank you for reading my message 🙂 You sound AMAZINGGG and a blast to be around!! I do think our personalities coincide well with each others.
Are you’re tired of playing with the little boys, wannabe thugs and man children? Looking to put an end to the games and start to make a life with someone special? Then take a look at my profile and imagine the possibilities.”

Perhaps he can help me install some Hercules Hooks.

In other news:   There is such a thing as cat wigs.  For my impending cat ownership, I may need to consider this:   Kitty Wigs.

One Response to “The Infomercial”

  1. kellig May 24, 2012 at 5:11 am #

    the kitty wigs are fantastic. a girlfriend actually bought one for her cat. he was not pleased.


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